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Yamaha G2/G9

Serial Number Guide

The serial number has a prefix, that designates the model, starting with a 'J' followed by 1 more letter and 1 number, or just 2 numbers. Following the prefix is a six digit extension. The serial number does NOT indicate the year of manufacture. You need all of these numbers and letters to assure that the correct parts are sent.

The early model G2 has the serial number under the rear bumper, toward the passenger side. It is stamped into the square tubular frame that the bumper bolts on to. The gas cars will have a 'J38' prefix and the electric cars will have a 'J41' prefix (i.e. J38-000204). I suggest a flashlight and damp rag to help find the number. In 1988 the serial number moved to the very rear edge of the floorboard, just behind the back edge of the mat, under the seat pedestal in the engine compartment. The number is a little easier to find in this location. The G9 models started in 1991 with the prefix 'JG5', also found under the seat pedestal.

Yamaha G2 - Electric   Yamaha G2 Gas    
Serial Numbers   Serial Numbers   Year
 J41-000101   J41-009999   J38-000101   J38-006999 = 1985
J41-016101   J41-029999   J38-007101
= 1986
J41-030101    J41-049999    J38-020101   J38-039999 = 1987
= 1988
J56-000101   J56-099999   J55-000101   J55-099999   1989
J56-100101   J56-199999   J55-100101   J55-199999   1990
Yamaha G9 - Electric   Yamaha G9 Gas    
Serial Numbers   Serial Numbers   Year
JG6-000001     JG6-??????   JG5-000101   JG5-?????? = 1991
  JG5-100101   JG5-?????? = 1992
JH7-100101   JH7-??????   JG5-200101   JG5-?????? = 1993
  JG5-300101   JG5-?????? = 1994
JH7-30010   JH7-??????   JG5-400101   JG5-?????? = 1995

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