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Winterizing your Golf Cart

EZ GO Gas Winter or Prolonged Storage Golf Carts

Preparing the engine for winter or a prolonged storage calls for a few simple steps to prevent build up of varnish and gum in the carburetor and corrosion in the engine. 

Place the direction selector in the neutral position and engage the neutral lock. 

Add fuel stabilizer to the tank in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Disconnect the fuel line from the engine at the fuel tank. 

With proper area of ventilation, start the engine and allow to run until the engine stops due to lack of fuel. 

Drain carburetor bowl using drain screw and re-tighten the drain screw. 

Remove the air filter and spray a commercial fogging or cylinder oil into the carburetor while operating the starter for 2 – 3 seconds. 

Reinstall the air filter and reattach the fuel line to the tank.


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