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NEV's (Neighbor Hood Electric Vehicles)

The popularity of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, or NEVís, is growing at an incredible rate. NEVís are similar to golf cars and some even double as golf cars, but they are street legal in most areas. They have become incredibly popular in many places such as retirement communities, resort areas, campgrounds, and golf course communities. NEVís are usually a little faster and safer then a standard golf car and they will normally carry 4 passengers.

In the beginning golf cars actually started as NEVís and handicapped carts and were then used on golf courses. The golf car market was just an afterthought of the electric vehicle being used for other purposes first. Now the market has came around full circle and NEVís are once again finding their niche in the market.

Most states will have laws written for slow moving electric vehicles that will pertain to NEVís. Remember most of these laws are written for electric vehicles and do not pertain to internal combustion engines. Most states will have available on the internet or through your county offices the regulations you will need to meet to make your vehicle street legal. The basics of most of these laws (be sure to check your laws locally as they may differ) is as follows. (This is just a sample and is not a complete law. Do not use this as a law, as all local and state governments have different laws).

4 wheeled electrically powered motor vehicle;
A maximum designed speed of not more than thirty-five (35) miles per hour;
Seating capacity of not more than four (4) persons;
Maximum weight not to exceed two thousand two hundred (2,200) pounds;
(1) Equipped with:
(A) headlamps;
(B) front and rear turn lamps, tail lamps, and stop lamps;
(C) reflex reflectors;
(D) exterior and interior mirrors;
(E) brakes as specified;
(F) a windshield;
(G) a vehicle identification number; and
(H) a safety belt installed at each designated seating position; and Has not been privately assembled.

This article does not apply to a motor vehicle that was designed to have a maximum design speed of not more than twenty-five (25) miles per hour and was built, constructed, modified, or assembled by a person other than the manufacturer. Must have a manufacturerís certificate of origin for a low speed vehicle.

Remember this is just a sample of a law, this is not a complete law. Do not use this to determine if a vehicle is or is not a street legal slow moving vehicle. You should check your local laws to make sure your vehicle is legal before driving it on any roadway.

NEVís like golf cars can be painted, graphics added and many other options to customize them. But remember if you want them to be street legal you will need to be very careful what you do to modify them.

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